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The History of Canadian Broadcasting

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters established the Canadian Communications Foundation in 1967 to commemorate the development of electronic communications in Canada. In 1994, the Foundation created the History of Canadian Broadcasting website to chronicle and document, in sight and sound, the history of Canadian over- the air broadcasting.

Over the next twenty-seven years, a volunteer Board of Directors worked to create The History of Canadian Broadcasting, which offered a comprehensive, database of radio and television station histories, ownershipnetworks, and programming, as well as a collection of research articles on broadcasting in Canada, and made it available to anyone interested in the development of broadcasting in Canada and related services.

Having achieved all its original objectives by the end of 2021, and with more widespread information by now available from many more sources on the ongoing growth of broadcasting in Canada, and the advent of the internet with all its options for other ways to disseminate information and entertainment, the Board decided that the time had come for this website to be archived as a historical source of information, rather than also being an ongoing source of news about the industry.

Accordingly, the information on this site remained valid as of the last dates shown in the various sections. There are now many websites providing update information on the industry, and details of some of these (as at August 1st 2022) are available here. Internet search engines will no doubt suggest others. Queries regarding broadcasting should no longer be addressed to this site, but to whichever of the suggested alternatives would appear to be most appropriate.

CTA Personalities

Learn more about the personalities involved in Canada's broadcasting history.

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