CJAS-FM, Community, Saint-Augustin

La Radio Communautaire Riviere St Augustine

La Radio Communautaire Riviere St Augustine

The organization that would seek a broadcasting licence was incorporated on June 5.


On October 15, the CRTC approved the application for a broadcasting licence for an English-language community radio station at Saint-Augustin (Saguenay). The Commission issued a special FM (Type A) licence expiring 31 August 1991. The applicant had proposed to use the frequency 97.5 MHz and an effective radiated power of 100 watts. Because of technical problems, however, and following discussions with the Department of Communications, the applicant modified the technical operating parameters of the proposed station and would use the frequency 93.5 MHz at an effective radiated power of 100 watts. The station would be operated predominantly in a talk format. The Commission noted that this community station would be owned and controlled by a non-profit organization whose structure would provide for membership, management, operation, and programming primarily by members of the community at large. The station would set aside seven hours per week for commercial-free programming to be produced by community groups or by members of the general public. The proposed station would broadcast primarily verbal content, with a total of 58% spoken word programming, all of which would be in the foreground format, including 10 hours per week of public affairs material over a 43 hour 30 minute broadcast week. It also planned to broadcast 3 hours 30 minutes of news per week, of which 75% would be devoted to local and regional content. The Commission noted that the applicant planned to broadcast mainly country music in accordance with its policy statement on community radio, it would expect the applicant to diversify the range of musical selections as much as possible in order to include other types of music. The Commission also noted that the applicant proposed to use an automated programming system for up to ten hours per week, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 1 p.m and 2 p m. from Monday to Friday. However, the Commission expected the applicant to ensure that a staff member remained on duty throughout these periods in order to break into the programming if necessary. In accordance with the community radio policy for Type A stations, the Commission approved the broadcasting of advertising for up to 20% of the broadcast week.



CJAS-FM signed on the air.



La Radio Communautaire Riviere St Augustine (CJAS-FM) operated from 558 rue Principal in St. Augustine.



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