CKLE-FM , French, Bathurst

Radio de la Baie Ltee.

Radio de la Baie Ltee.

On July 20, Radio de la Baie Ltée was given approval to operate a French-language FM station in Bathurst (97.1 MHz with effective radiated power of 10,000 watts) as well as a rebroadcasting station in Dalhousie/Campbellton (102.7 MHz with ERP of 10,000 watts). It was a condition a frequency other than 97.1 MHz be used at Bathurst. Radio de la Baie was owned by three area AM stations - CJVA Caraquet (70%), CKBC Bathurst (20%) and CKNB Campbellton (10%). CJVA was French and the other two stations were English. The proportions of ownership were determined according to the expected impact the new FM would have on their revenues. Radio de la Baie proposed to offer an easy listening format to appeal to those over the age of 25.



On August 5, the applicant was granted approval to change the location of its proposed main studio from Bathurst to Caraquet, and to establish a secondary studio at Bathurst. Approval was also given to increase power for the Dalhousie/ Campbellton transmitter, from 10,000 to 14,000 watts and to change the frequency from 102.7 to 100.7 MHz. The transmitter location would also move from the proposed present site (CN/CP tower) to the CBC's antenna situated approximately 1.3 km to the northwest.



On September 1, CKLE-FM was authorized to change frequency from 104.9 to 92.9 MHz and to relocate the transmitter to a location adjacent to the CN/CP site and to increase antenna height. 



CKLE and CKLE-FM-1 began broadcasting on March 29. 



The CRTC announced that it wanted to talk to CKLE-FM about delays in its plans for studios and construction of a rebroadcaster at Campbellton.



CKLE was given approval to relocate its principal studio from Caraquet to Bathurst, while maintaining ancillary studio facilities at Caraquet.



CKLE-FM began simulcasting from 6 p.m. to midnight over CJVA-AM Caraquet.



By this time, CJVA was receiving CKLE programming for all but four hours a week. 



On February 9 the CRTC approved an application to amend CKLE-FM's licence in order to authorize it to broadcast a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes of English-language programming each week. The licensee sated the amendment would provide Bathurst's English-speaking listeners with better information on the activities taking place in the region. The programming would consist of tourist information, promotions, contests and some musical selections in English and French. CKLE-FM would not broadcast English-language commercial messages.



On August 17, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CKLE-FM to August 31, 2013.



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