CKVI-FM, Campus/Community - The Cave, Kingston

KCVI Educational Radio Station Inc.

KCVI Educational Radio Station Inc.

On June 17, Bill Forrest on behalf of a company to be incorporated (would be known as KCVI Educational Radio Station Inc.) was awarded a licence for a community (Type B) FM station at Kingston. It would broadcast on a frequency of 91.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 6.5 watts. The station would broadcast 50 hours per week of local programming, of which 1.5 hours would be in French and 0.5 hours in the Chinese.



CKVI-FM signed on the air.

The station operates from Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, 235 Frontenac Street in Kingston. CKVI is operated in conjunction with the Limestone District School Board’s high school radio program. Students from across Frontenac County work at the station for a semester of classes. There is also a daily classroom period where students learn about all aspects of radio broadcasting.


On May 5, the CRTC approved an application by KCVI Educational Radio Station Incorporated for a new broadcasting licence to operate an English-language community FM radio station in Kingston. KCVI had been operating the low-power, English-language community radio station CKVI-FM Kingston at frequency 91.9 MHz (channel 220LP). It wished to operate the station as a regular-power station to address interference from the CBC's rebroadcasting transmitter CBOB-FM Brockville. The station would operate at 91.9 MHz (channel 220A) with an average ERP of 435 watts (maximum ERP of 2,000 watts with EHAAT of 28 metres).


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