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CBC Northern TV Service
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

CFFB-TV Frobisher Bay signed on the air on February 1. It was associated with CFFB-AM which had been on the air since 1961.


CFFB-TV was authorized to change from a Frontier Coverage Package to a satellite fed station.


On January 1, Frobisher Bay became Iqaluit.


On August 7, the CRTC approved the applications to amend the broadcasting licences for CBEIT Baker Lake, CBEHT Eskimo Point, CFFB-TV Iqaluit, CBEKT Pangnirtung, CBELT Pond Inlet and CBECT Rankin Inlet, by increasing the transmitter power for each undertaking from 8.9 watts to 10 watts. The CBC advised the Commission that this change of facilities involved the replacement of the transmitter and antenna system which would make it possible to combine its transmitter with that of Television Northern Canada into a common antenna.


On April 1, the new Canadian territory, Nunavut, came into being. CFFB-TV was now in Nunavut rather than the Northwest Territories.


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