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Association télévision communautaire de l’Isle Madame

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Telile: Isle Madame Community Television Association

Telile was formed. It began with a full time program of training in television production. Telile then became an operating non-profit company. Unlike most community channels, Telile was not run by the local cable system, but was a community-owned organization that broadcast its signal on cable.



On February 17, Telile: Isle Madame Community Television Association received approval to operate an English and French language low-power television station at Isle Madame, on channel 10, with a transmitter power of 50 watts. Initially the station would broadcast approximately 15 hours per week (5 hours of original programming, repeated twice), consisting of a 50-minute original feature presentation, TV Bingo, community meetings and sporting events as well as some programming obtained from other communities. In addition, alphanumeric advertising with background audio in English and French will be transmitted. Original programming would increase over time. The programming broadcast would be 85% English and 15% French. French-language programming would increase to 25%-30% to meet the needs of the Acadian population, in time.



On October 18, Telile: Isle Madame Community Television Association received permission to operate an English and French language remote community-based television station to serve Isle Madame. The new station would air in each broadcast week, approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes of programming that would feature community events, interviews, sports and TV bingo. On average, 5 hours would be original programs and that all of the programming would be Canadian. During the first year of operation, 85% of the programming offered by the station each month would be in English and 15% would be in French. The applicant made a commitment to increase the level of French-language programming to 25% in each month, beginning in the second year of operation. The station would operate on channel 10, with an effective radiated power of 450 watts.

CIMC-TV "Telile" Channel 10 signed on the air in June. The signal was also still available on cable. The station operated from Arichat, on the south-east coast of Cape Breton.


Studios and offices were noted as being at 705 Lower Road in Arichat.



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