Another of the CHUM Limited MuchMusic spin-offs, MuchVibe was licensed in November 200 and launched on September 7th 2001.  The licence described the planned programming as “dedicated tomuchvibe Urban music – HipHop, Rap, R & B, Soul and Reggae”. The channel invited viewers to “tune in for a hype mix of the old school, true school and the new school in contemporary urban music”. Typical schedules included such program titles as “Born to Be: OutKast”, “Eminem: AKA” and “Kanye West: Live at Abbey Road”.

A CRTC hearing on an application by CTVglobemedia to acquire the assets of CHUM Limited was held on April 30th 2007. Among the CHUM assets acquired by CTVglobemedia in the final approved deal were seven television stations, some 33 radio stations, and 21 specialty channels, including MuchVibe.

In 2016, Stingray Digital purchased MuchVibe from Bell Media and the channel was renamed Stingray Vibe.


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