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FX The Series

The U.S. theatrical features F/X (1986) and F/X2 (1991) eventually spawned a Canadian made-for-TV sequel movie, titled F/X: The Illusion (1996), which served as the pilot for a one-hour television series that played on CTV and in syndication in the U.S. A U.S./Canada co-production, the F/X stories revolved around a New York movie special effects man who had his own mobile workshop, and who used his skills to help the cops solve difficult cases.


The Disappearance

On June 1st 2016, CTV announced that it had committed to a new six-part series, The Disappearance, from Montreal-based Productions Casablanca. The series would follow the mysterious disappearance of 10-year-old Anthony Wilson, who vanished on his birthday during a treasure hunt.


The Launch

 On April 20th 2017, CTV announced from Canadian Music Week their commitment to a new, six-part music television series, The Launch ,whi



On November 15th 2015 CTV announced that it had ordered a serialized, six-part, one-hour drama series titled Cardinal from Toronto-based Sienna Films and Entertainment One (eOne). The murder mystery was based on the John Cardinal Mysteries, a series of six bestselling crime novels written by Ontario native and award-winning author Giles Blunt. The venture marked CTV’s first-ever series adaption from a novel. This series was planned to premiere as part of CTV’s 2016/17 schedule, with production set to begin in February 2016.



W5 made its debut on CTV in the fall of 1966, and was still in the network's schedule 50 years later. But while W5 had become without doubt the longest-running weekly prime time public affairs program in North America, there is one little-known fact. When Michael Maclear took over the series in 1977, having hosted his own Maclear half-hour series for several years on CTV, the one-hour Sunday night W5 was renamed CTV Reports for the 1977-78 season with a companion half-hour, also called CTV Reports, on Thursdays.


Your Morning

 On June 6th 2016,  CTV reaffirmed its commitment to original daytime television with the announcement of a new, daily, morning program, the live, three-hour program Your Morning. The series would  premiere at the end of the summer, and would be hosted by news veteran Anne-Marie Mediwake and entertainment journalist Ben Mulroney.


L.A. Complex, The

Produced by Epitome Productions,  a new one-hour series titled The L.A. Complex debuted on CTV at 9:00 pm on Tuesday January 10th, 2012, simulcast on CTV's MuchMusic channel.

The six-part series depicted the experiences of six aspiring performers who were seeking a path to stardom in Hollywood.  Linda Schuyler was the Executive Producer, with  Stephen Stohn and Martin Gero.

 As the show debuted, CTV announced that the CW Network  had picked up the series for broadcast in the U.S.  It premiered on the CW on April 24th 2012.

Cast included:


Le Zoo du Capitaine Bonhomme

1962 was the year that the actor Michel Noël first put on his Capitaine Bonhomme hat at Télé-Métropole, which was then a spanking new TV channel, on the program Le Zoo du Capitaine Bonhomme. The adventure would last 15 years. In 1968, Le Zoo du Capitaine Bonhomme would more simply become Capitaine Bonhomme. Then in 1970, it was made over into Le Cirque du Capitaine until 1977. However, the character's career spanned an even longer period, because Michel Noël would often go out on his own show tours and was frequently a guest who participated in various galas and other TV programs.



This one-hour drama starred Peta Wilson as Nikita, a woman wrongly convicted of a grisly crime who was kidnapped and rehabilitated by secret agency Section One. Nikita was then forced to take part in anti-terrorist police work as a professional assassin. Ray Dupuis played Michael, her trainer at Section One that was run by a man simply known as Operations, played by Eugene Robert Glazer. Also starring Don Francks as Walter, the company gadget maker, and Matthew Ferguson as Birkoff, a computer genius, Alberta Watson as Madeline, and Anais Granofsky as Carla.


Hot Shots

Rival reporters Amanda Reed (Dorothy Parke) and Jason West (Booth Savage) write for CrimeWorld magazine, scaring up stories while denying their attraction for each other. Other characters included publisher Nicholas Broderick (Paul Burke), his secretary Cleo (Heather Smith), researcher Al Pendleton (Clark Johnson), and the receptionist (Mung Ling). The show was first broadcast on CBS in the U.S. in its late-night line-up, eventually broadcast in Canada on Global. And for a change, this Canadian produced show was actually set in Canada.



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