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Originally commissioned under the working title Sniper, 13 episodes of a new one-hour drama series titled Flashpoint were commmitted to by CTV in late 2007 for broadcast in the fall of 2008. Then, in January 2008, it was announced that CBS had bought the U.S. network rights to the series, thus offering CTV the potential for simulcast of a Canadian series for the first time since Due South in 1994.



Whistler used the snowclad slopes of the famous resort area as the backdrop for a one-hour series chronicling the professional and personal interpolitics of residents and visitors in the wake of the death of a high-profile racing skier.


Robson Arms

Robson Arms was a half-hour series which, the network said,  promised "... to take viewers behind a new door every week at Robson Arms, a once-grand low-rise apartment building in Vancouver’s West End”.  John Cassini starred as the Building Superintendent, Yuri, and the various tenants whose interwoven stories provided the meat of each episode were played by an array of name performers, including Margot Kidder, Megan Follows, Mark McKinney, William B. David, Tobias Mehler, Shirley Douglas and Gabrielle Miller. 


Jeff Ltd.

Jeff Seymour, who won a Best Actor Gemini Award for his work on CTV's Eleventh Hour, co-created and starred in Jeff Ltd. as a power-mad marketing guru whose highly unconventional approach to his craft made him nothing but money - but whose ability to relate happily to the opposite sex was sadly lacking. Described by CTV as 'a funny, edgy half-hour', Jeff Ltd. was produced by Bootleg Films, and S. & S. Productions (who produced Balance for CTV, and An American in Canada and the Red Green Show for CBC).


eTalk Playlist

For six weeks in the summer of 2005, CTV introduced a short half-hour weekly series titled eTalk Playlist, in the eTalk Daily time period. Fronted by MuchMusic alumnus and eTalk Daily host Tanya Kim (while co-host Ben Mulroney was busy with the final weeks of the network's Canadian Idol final episodes), Playlist was a chart show/concert mini-series, recorded before a live audience at CTV's Masonic Temple studios in downtown Toronto, and was spun off from eTalk Daily's popular playlist segment.


Alice, I Think

The Alice of the title of this series was described by her shrink in Susan Juby's books as "a hypercritical, socially-retarded narcissist with mind-numbingly poor judgment". Alice McLeod, a very quirky 15-year-old, and her somewhat dysfunctional family, were the core around which this 13 half-hour series revolved. 
The series was set in Smithers, B.C., and was produced by Slanted Wheel Productions (who did Plague City for CTV) and Omni Productions, who were responsible for Robson Arms.


Instant Star

Accurately described by CTV as “a fictionalized drama series that picks up where its real-life counterpart


Corner Gas

Described by the Network as a “narrative comedy”, the half-hour series Corner Gas made its debut on CTV in January 2004, and immediately scored viewing figures of well over a million.   Set in Dog River, a fictional Prairie town, the series unfolded around a gas station and adjacent coffee shop, where a bunch of locals might have been expected to lead somewhat dull lives.  But the scripts gave immediate life to each of the characters, th


Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

Inspired by the true story of Ohio native Sue Thomas, this groundbreaking series followed the career of a woman, deaf since birth, who moved from analyzing fingerprints for the FBI to using her lip-reading skills to earn her a place on the Bureau’s elite surveillance team.


Comedy Inc.

With the exception of Corner Gas, which made an impressive debut in the 2003-2004 season, CTV's history of situation comedies had been less than spectacular.



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