Anything You Can Do

Broadcast Run: 
1971 to 1974
Broadcast Medium: 

One of the more elaborate daytime strip game shows to be seen on CTV, Anything You Can Do was a timed contest (shades of Beat the Clock) between two teams of three, men versus women, who competed in a series of physical and often messy stunts to win merchandise prizes. Flour, water, balloons and shaving cream were among many bizarre ingredients that figured prominently, as did Gene Wood from ABC's Family Feud's voice-over booth. Wood hosted the show's first year, and Canadian Don Harron succeeded him for the rest of the run. Bill Luxton was the announcer.

Anything You Can Do entered the network schedule in September 1971, Monday to Friday at 3:30pm. It moved to 4:00pm in the fall of 1972, and stayed there until it ended its run in September 1974. It was produced at CTV's Ottawa affiliate CJOH-TV.

Written by Pip Wedge - August, 2002

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