Broadcast Run: 
1972 to 1973
Broadcast Medium: 

"Two's Company, three's a riot - with 250 pounds of loveable trouble named - GEORGE". So said the billboards for this 1971 movie comedy starring Marshall Thompson, which was spun off a year later into a half-hour series co-production between CTV and Marshall Thompson's own company. Only Thompson himself of the original movie cast was seen in the series, which featured an enormous St. Bernard with a penchant for creating mayhem for his owner and the rest of the cast, in their Alpine (read B.C.) village. Canadian Trudy Young co-starred in the series, along with Erna Sellmer and Volker Stewart.

Often known erroneously, and perhaps prophetically, as "George The Dog", the show was scheduled on CTV on Thursdays at 7:00pm starting in the fall of 1972, and was gone by the fall of the following year.

Written by Pip Wedge - April, 2002


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