Jake and The Kid

Broadcast Run: 
1961 to 1963
Broadcast Medium: 

Aired Tuesday evenings for 13 episodes, during the summer of 1961.

Jake and the Kid was one of the most successful shows on CBC radio from 1949 to 1954. Its television adaptation was less fortunate. Tied up in production issues from the writer, W.O. Mitchell, and his pitch for an American show, this version of the show only appeared for one summer and was produced by CBC. The National Film Board of Canada wanted to produce a version with CBC, but that failed too, only to air in 1963 as a Movie of the Week.

Crocus, Saskatchewan was the site of this story featuring the hired hand, Jake, and his side-kick, known as the Kid.

Mitchell's stories first appeared in Maclean's magazine in 1942 and were later adapted to radio. Global television produced a new version in 1995, for three seasons.


Murray Westgate as Jake Trumper

Rex Hagon as the Kid

Frances Tobias as Ma

Robert Christie as MacTaggart

Eric House as Repeat Golightly

Alex Mckee as Sam Gatenby

Producers: Ronald Weyman and David Gardner

Executive Producer: Raymond Whitehouse.



Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005

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