Mr. Fixit

Broadcast Run: 
1955 to 1965
Broadcast Medium: 

A home repair/construction program.

Peter Whittall had been introduced to the television viewer on the evening series, Living, where he demonstrated crafts and simple home repair. He also appeared on radio's Assignment program on a weekly basis. For this 15 minute program, Whittall demonstrated to the show's host, Rex Loring, how to handle basic tasks in home construction, carpentry, and repair. Producers: Don MacPherson [1955-1962] Bill Bolt [1963-1965].

Hosts: Peter Whittall, (Mr. Fixit) with Rex Loring.

Aired Saturdays 6:30-6:45 p.m., October 1955 to March 1960.
Wednesdays 7:45-8:00 p.m., July 1960 to June 1965.

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2002

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