Office Temps

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This 10-part reality series, which began airing in the summer of 2005, subjected unsuspecting office temporary workers to ridiculous office scenarios.  Each week, newly hired temps showed up for work at various locales, believing they were starting a real job.  But it was all a hoax.  Everyone on staff was actually an actor with a basic script to act out, the more outrageous the better.  They were ready to create chaos for the new hires and see how they handled it.  In the debut, two temps showed up at the bogus Death Skul Records only to find extreme office antics unfolding and phone lines that just wouldn't work properly.  The ongoing chaos and challenges, usually accompanied by humiliation on the temps' part, ended with a big reveal at the end of the show, all caught on tape.

Broadcast: 2005 
Time slot: Saturdays 10 pm
Running Time: 60 minutes

Produced by Lone Eagle Entertainment, which produced three hit seasons of Popstars for Global Television.

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - August, 2005

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