Popular Mechanics for Kids

Broadcast Run: 
1997 to 2001
Broadcast Medium: 

This live action series was aimed at 8 to 12-year-olds and was based upon Popular Mechanics Magazine. The program explored how things work from a kid's perspective. Each episode tackled fun or fascinating topics such as emergency rescues, sports, "gross outs", and ocean adventures.

The hosts included Vanessa Lengies, Jay Buruchel, Elisha Cuthbert and Tyler Kyte.   Charles Powell was the only adult on the show and he showed the kids and viewing audiences how to build and use various technology-based projects.


Broadcast: 1997 - 2001  
Time slots: weekdays 8:00 am, Saturday 11:30 am, Sunday 8:30 am
Running time: 30 minutes

Production Company: SDA Productions

Written by Joanne Ingrassia - June, 2002


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