Return Journey

Broadcast Run: 
1989 to 1990
Broadcast Medium: 

In this series, eight international real-life celebrities returned to their native countries in what became, for each of them,  intensely personal voyages of discovery.  Wilf Carter returned to the world famous Calgary Stampede. One of the world’s greatest tenors, Placido Domingo, returned to the city of his roots, Madrid.  Indian actor Victor Banerjee was astounded by the emotions of his voyage home to India.  And actress Susannah York took a fascinating odyssey to Scotland.  Other episodes included Stefanie Powers in Kenya, Omar Sharif in Egypt, Kiri Te Kanawa in New Zealand, and Margot Kidder in Yellowknife.


Broadcast:  1989 - 1990

Running time:  60 minutes

Production Company:  John McGreevy Productions/Primedia Productions


Written by Joanne Ingrassia - October, 2004


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