Twenty Questions

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The first network series to be produced by CTV Winnipeg affiliate CJAY (now CKY), this Canadian version of the popular U.S. panel game was hosted by Stewart Macpherson, a local personality who had gained national fame in the U.K., first as a war correspondent and later as a sports commentator and panel game show host.

One of the regular panelists was Edna "Rassy" Ragland, the mother of folk singer Neil Young - who, as a small boy at the time, is reported to have caused mayhem as he ran around the studio during tapings.

Twenty Questions appeared briefly in the CTV network schedule in 1961, but was gone by the start of the following season, though Stewart did host the same show in London for Associated-Rediffusion a year later (which was produced by your writer).

Written by Pip Wedge - November, 2002

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