Whatever Turns You On

Broadcast Run: 
1979 to 1980
Broadcast Medium: 

The success of their local Ottawa Saturday morning series "You Can't Do That On Television" prompted creators Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby to develop a prime time version of this scurrilously irreverent comedy, which made the CTV schedule three years ahead of "You Can't Do That...". Sadly, its cult appeal wasn't big enough to meet the network's prime time audience expectations, and the show only lasted a year. This despite the untiring efforts of stars Ruth Buzzi and Les Lye, and a highly talented supporting cast, which included Christine McGlade, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jonothan Gebert, Rodney Helal, Lisa Ruddy, Kevin Schenk and Kevin Somers.

Like the daytime parent show, Whatever Turns You On was produced for CTV at CJOH-TV Ottawa. It played on the network on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the 1979-80 season, but didn't make the cut when the 1980-81 schedule was announced. The series was however later seen in reruns on YTV.


Written by Pip Wedge - February, 2003

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