What's The Good Word?

Broadcast Run: 
1972 to 1976
Broadcast Medium: 

CTV was often somewhat unjustly referred to as 'the Game Show Network' in its early years, but its daytime schedule certainly relied on this inexpensive form of entertainment to combat the strong allure of the U.S. soap operas which ruled and still rule so many daytime time periods. What's the Good Word was yet another in this genre; host John Barton challenged contestants to identify a mystery word from various clues, and success brought a shower of prizes provided by manufacturers who found the price of exposure less expensive than paying for commercials.

What's the Good Word joined CTV's daytime lineup Monday to Friday at 3:30pm in the fall of 1972. It occupied various slots in the 2:00 - 4:00pm block in ensuing years, until the series, while not yet at a loss for words, finally concluded its run in the fall of 1976. It was produced for CTV at BCTV Vancouver.

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